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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to get people to see Guardians of the Galaxy

    The following materialized brainstorming will only contain pointers to possible marketing tools and angles. I know, I know , Marvel Disney couldn't possibly figure this out without me, right? Regardless, actual movie making stuff is excluded ( so no movie synopsis, character descriptions here or predictions here, newbies ) , because James Gunn has and will have that covered.From the little I know and saw from this movie it'll have enough humor, quirkiness and talent behind it to be an entertaining piece of quality cinema.

    Here's a sneak peek.-updated link

    It's unfortunate that such an article is even needed, but mainstream audiences aren't quite familiar with the aforementioned director, nor the source material. Even I don't even know which one is weirder. And that's a good thing. It's time for the movie goers to not punish unique, creative and not by the book pieces of art.

This concept art alone should be enough to have your attention and curiosity. At least a 12$ amount of it, anyway.

    Let's get started. FYI, some of these tactics may hinder the image of artistic integrity and/or independence the movie might have, but nowadays it's a small sacrifice for success:

  • Get people to advertise it as the even bigger and stronger space Avengers

  • Attach as many celebrities ( even if they're a huge tree played by Vin Diesel, talk about wooden actors ) to it, no matter the magnitude of the role ( for quality's sake maybe smaller is better ) as long as they can be credited.  Like ,for instance , The Rock, he's very popular right now.

  • Put the guy who everyone pretended to know at the post credits scene from the Avengers in the trailer(s) of the movie, his importance to the story aside. This way otherwise uninterested people might check it out. So yes, make the Avengers commercial connection wherever you can.
His name is Thanos, the Mad Titan. He's got love dead to rights.funpun

  •  Tie Iron Man/Thor/Captain America somehow in. In an after credits scene if you must.
                               - The Iron Man movies teased us with an exo suit for deep space travel. Even if for a minute there, have Tony Stark meet the team and be sent away ( possibly against his will ). The only problem is that this would require additional shooting for Robert Downey, who isn't very easy to work with.

                               -Thor could meet one or two of the members when traveling into the other realms in The Dark World. A couple face time seconds of Agent Bert Macklin Star Lord or anyone else would suffice ...

                               -While this could be the most awkward paring, they're still in the same cinematic universe and the Captain's reaction to maybe a Rocket Raccoon would be a fan pleaser.

               I'm highly aware of the improbability of all 3 possibilities, but this post isn't about predictions and Marvel That Tyrannical Mouse has surprised us before. Yes, I'm admitting they know what they're doing.

  • Play and popularize Super on as many cable channels ( the general audience of FX would love it ) and as often as you can and introduce James Gunn as the "Director of the upcoming ... Guardians of the Galaxy". He's too unknown of a writer/director to be so under the radar.

  • Finally, DENY MOVIE 43 EVER HAPPENED, seriously , WTF James Gunn ?!

  • Oh, and a Rocket Raccoon Dr Dolittle Christmas Special. I've always wanted that. 

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